Holonomic Platform for 125mm Rotacaster Omniwheels

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I’ve been working on a very solid, Holonomic Platform to be used with the large 125mm Rotacaster Omniwheels as part of my display for the TAZ-Brick Collector Club’s Brixhibition to be held on the weekend of 20-21 April 2013.

125mm Rotacaster Omni-Wheel

LEGO Technics Compatible 125mm Rotacaster Omniwheel

This Holonomic Platform is built around a very solid “Triangle” arrangement constructed from LEGO 1 x 16 Technic Brick with the Holes in them and LEGO Hinges (Part #2429c01 1 x 4 Hinge Plate). This Triangle arrangement also allows for easy, yet solid addition of the other LEGO components need to complete the robot.

Large Holonomic Platform Base

The “Triangle” arrangement the Robot is Built around Over the past few years I have developed a number of Holonomic Platforms of various sizes and configurations, but this by far the most stable in construction. It even survived the drop test after I tripped over the PlayStation 2 controller cable attached to it. It will need to tough and reliable to survive Brixhibition.

Large Holonomic Platform

CAD image of the Holonomic Platform for 125mm Rotacaster Omniwheels

Large Holonomic Platform Photograph


Download LEGO Digital Designer CAD File: ExtraLargeHolonomicPlatform.lxf

Rotacaster Omni-Wheel Range
LEGO Compatible Rotacaster Omni-Wheel Range

RobotC Source Code: PS2-Holonomic.zip

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