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My Holonomic Platforms make it into Print

An article featuring my Holonomic Platforms has made it into Print. I was asked by James Bullen from Australian Popular Science Magazine to provide an article back in July.

PS2 Controlled Holonomic Platform Using RobotC

Yes, another Holonomic Platform. My son, Anthony requested a Holonomic robot to take to school for show-and-tell. So here it is with a few scholarly extras, including the [robotc] code.
A Holonomic platform is one of the many types of Holonomic drive trains — it can move forward and backward as well as left or right without turning. The Holonomic platform can move in any direction instantaneously unlike conventional four wheeled vehicles.

Build a Solid LEGO NXT Killough Platform

Building a solid and reliable Killough Type Platform is not easy using the standard LEGO Technic Parts List. For the last 12 plus months, I have been refining my designs which use the standard NXT Motors. Due to the NXT Motors shape, keeping the Robot’s overall footprint as small as possible has been difficult.

Mindstorms NXT Soccer Playing Robot

This is the Mark I version of my LEGO Mindstorms Soccer Playing Robot.  The Robot relies on 3x Rotacaster omni-whheels in a Holonomic Platform configuration for movement. The three Rotacasters are driven by 3x NXT Motors connected to the NXT Brick.

Shape-Changing Rotacaster Flexi-Bot

The Shape-Changing Rotacaster Flexi-Bot acts like a Chameleon, but instead of changing colour, it can morphs into a variety of different  leg configurations. The front and rear pairs of arms are controlled as a pairs change the configuration of the Rotacaster Omni-wheels relative to the Robots body. Each Rotacaster Omni-wheel is driven individually via a Small Lego Power Functions Motor. The Arm pairs are driven individually by a pair of Lego Mindstorms NXT Servo Motors.

Wot-NXT: DottyWot & SpottyWot?

The WotWots is filmed in Australia at the Melbourne Zoo, and follows the adventures of two adorable siblings from outer space, SpottyWot and DottyWot. These delightful creatures come to explore planet earth in their steam-powered spaceship and land themselves in the middle of a zoo. All their adventures are built on one central ingredient which defines the series – the joy of learning and discovery.

Autonomous Rotacaster Omni-Bot

This Autonomous Quad Drive Omni-Bot fitted is with Rotacasters Omni-wheels and uses 4x Ultrasonic Sensors to aid in navigation. It’s based on my previous Quad-Drive Rotacaster Omni-Bot with the addition of the Ultrasonic Sensors. The main challenge is to use all 4 Ultrasonic Sensors without them interfering with each other, resulting in non-valid measurement readings for distance values to objects.

Quad-Drive Rotacaster Omni-Bot

As I have a set of four Rotacaster Omni-wheels to test drive, I decided to build a 4-wheel Omni-Bot for a change from the normal 3-wheeled versions. Build a solid & compact 4 wheel platform wasn’t as easy as I first envisaged. But after 3 attempts I hit upon something that worked. The Lego purists may no approve of the way I had load a few joints to get it too work.

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