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Rotacaster omni-wheels are an Australian made and owned, patented design. Also known as omni-directional wheels, multi-directional wheels or holomonic wheels, Rotacaster omni-wheels are available Rotacaster Omni-wheels are Australian Made and OwnedRotacaster omni-wheels are Australian Made and Owned in both a 125mm wheel diameter and a 48mm wheel diameter. Rotacaster omni-wheels are unique from other omni-wheels on the market because not only are they suitable for conveyor or inverted applications such as ball transfer units and pipe rollers, but they are also suitable as a floor wheel on mobile furniture, hand carts and as wheels for hand trolleys. Supermarket Grocery Carts, at long last are actually controllable with the Rotacaster wheel!

Rotacaster Omni-wheels have a fixed mounting position and use rollers rather than a swivel mount to facilitate multi-directional wheels making them a new and unique alternative to the traditional swivel castor.


You can help to have Rotacaster Omni-wheels available to fit directly with Technic Shafts.

Go visit the Rotacaster Website: and convey your interest to them by using their Contact Us Form.

NXTWheelRotacasterRotacaster are also interested in makeing their Omni-wheels available to other Robotic Platforms as well. If you are are one that uses a different robotic platform from Lego Mindstorms, they are also interested in finding out the Hub/Axle Fittings to suite your platform as well.

In my view these wheels are the best built that I’ve com accross and are amazing value for money in their off-the-shelf state. Hopefully the changes required to suite the the Robotic Community will not impact on the end cost too any great extent. They are extremly smooth in operation in all directions of motion and the finish is equil too any Lego product.

Rotacaster‘s Omini-wheels are just what is needed for you next Holonomic or Killough Platforms. We’ve been waiting for a supperior Omini-wheel for 120 degree oposing, 3-wheeled vehichles, not unlike Xander’s Lego Mindstorms NXT Omnipotent Omniwheel above for many a year.

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