FLL Robot from a single EV3 31313 Kit: Mark II

FLL Robot from a EV3 Kit
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This is my second attempt at a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Robot which can be made from a single LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (Home 31313) kit. It was built with the intention of being demonstration Robot that the team members of the Metal Minds Robotics Team I mentor could build at home with their own EV3 Kits.

FLL Robot from a EV3 Kit

This Robot also demonstrates how to add interchangeable powered attachments to their Robots. The Robot can be assembled from a single LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (31313) Set without the need for extra parts, but you will most probably need extra parts for attachments.

FLL Robot from a EV3 Kit

This version is an improvement on its predecessor in a number of way, including the easy removal of the Programmable Brick to replace the batteries. This version features the Colour Sensor underneath the robot in the centre. This helps to alleviate issues related to changes in ambient light levels as the sensor is shielded from external interference cause by the movement of the sun, or that from people moving about the gaming table.

FLL Robot from a EV3 Kit FLL Robot from a EV3 Kit

This Robot has proved to be very reliable and easy to work with, as at has been used as a second testing robot for my First LEGO League Team: ‘Metal Minds Robotics’. It has been run for up to six hours at our Saturday Practical Labs. The attachment system has worked flawlessly throughout this time period.

FLL Robot from a EV3 Kit  FLL Robot from a EV3 Kit
FLL Robot from a EV3 Kit  FLL Robot from a EV3 Kit

I feel this Robot is a great all rounder, and a fantastic base for FFL Students to learn on before heading off to build their own robots to tackle the years competition challenges.

LEGO Digital Designer Files:

  Download the LEGO Digital Designer CAD Files: FLL-Bot Mark II.lxf



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4 Responses to FLL Robot from a single EV3 31313 Kit: Mark II

  1. David Luders says:

    This is a most interesting design.  I like how one EV3 Color Sensor is tucked way underneath the body, centered on the rear-wheel-drive axle.  There are many FLL teams who bought the less-expensive EV3 31313 set (and not the 45544 EV3 Education Set) that could learn from this design.  Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Han Nieuwenhuize says:

    SIngle 31313? I think  I see a gyrosensor and a second lightsensor. that’s not in my set.

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