FIRST LEGO League Compatible Robot – Mark III

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This is third in a serious of FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Robot which can be made from a single LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (Home 31313) kit and a handful of other LEGO Technic Parts. It was built with the intention of being demonstration Robot that the team members of the Metal Minds Robotics Team I mentor could build at home with their own EV3 Kits.

This Robot is a development of the Mark II Robot with a number of refinements, and the addition of another Power Take Off point at the rear of the Robot. This later addition allows for two Powered Attachments to mounted on the Robot at one time. Another improvement which greatly improves the Robots Turn and Straight Line accuracy is the replacement of the Jockey Wheels with a pair of  “Angled Ball Joints“.

FLL-Bot Mark III

This Robot also demonstrates how to add Interchangeable Powered Attachments to the Robots two Power Take Off points which are coloured ‘Orange’ in the image below. Both Power Take Off feature a Quick Release Points. This allows for quick interchanging of attachments for the various challenges the Robot needs to interact with. Using Interchangeable Powered Attachments also allows for individual students to develop an attachment to solve a particular task, allowing the whole team to be included in the design and build section of the competition.

FLL-Bot Mark III - 01 FLL-Bot Mark III - 02aFLL-Bot Mark III - 02 FLL-Bot Mark III - 03

I feel this Robot is a great all rounder, and a fantastic base for FFL Students to learn on before heading off to build their own robots to tackle the years competition challenges.

LEGO Digital Designer Files:

  Download the LEGO Digital Designer CAD Files: FLL-Bot Mark III.lxf


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