Extreme NXT: Extending the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT to the Next Level

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Although LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT allows anyone to build complex inventions, there are limits to what you can do with what comes inside the box. This book shows you how to advance the NXT with more than 45 exciting projects that include creating a cool magic wand that writes words in thin air, building a remotely guided vehicle, and constructing sophisticated robots that can sense colour, light, temperature, and more.
All projects are explained with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, so you’ll be able to create them successfully whether you’re a novice or an expert. This book also shows you how to expand the programming software and use the alternative language NXC.


Extreme NXT: Extending the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT to the Next Level, Second Edition

New input devices—such as keypads, sensors, and even the human body—are covered, along with fun games such as surfing, PONG, and SIMON. On the serious side, there are classic engineering challenges such as controlling an inverted pendulum, making a robot that follows a wall, and building several light-seeking vehicles. Some projects are just entertaining, such as the Etch-A-NXT; others are useful, such as a motorised camera mount that takes panoramic photographs.

This second edition accounts for the important changes found in the next generation NXT, and it also covers the original concepts in greater depth. Details are presented for practically unlimited expansion of the NXT inputs and outputs by using the I2C communications bus, and several power amplifier designs allow the NXT outputs to drive bigger motors. Instructions are also included for adapting LEGO Power Functions motors to work directly with the NXT.

In the book you'll learn how to

  • Create sophisticated new sensors for light, magnetism, temperature, pressure, humidity and angle
  • Advance your nxt creations with alternate software, bluetooth communications, new motors, and muscle wires
  • Build a galvanic skin response meter, magic wand, numeric keypad, and panoramic camera controller
  • Play pong, simon, and surfing games

Go get a copy now!

It belongs on your shelf with the best Mindstorms NXT books out there:

  • "NXT Power Programming: Robotics in C"
  • "Maximum LEGO NXT: Building Robots with JAVA Brains"

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