EVShield: Arduino Shield for EV3 & NXT Motors & Sensors

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OpenElectronsOpenElectrons.com have a new Arduino Shield being readied for release in the near future. You can use it to make Robots with ‘Arduino Brains‘, using either LEGO Mindstorms EV3 or NXT Motors, Sensors, and other Arduino compatible parts. If you wish, you can also attach a selection of available Arduino Shields on top of the EVShield.

EVShield attaches directly to an Arduino Duemilanove or Uno, and it has headers to connect other Arduino Shields on top. It allows you to connect up to 4x EV3/NXT Motors, and 4x EV3/NXT Sensors. You can also attach up to 6x RC Servo motors to EVShield. It also provides ports for other I2C devices.


Programming for EVShield is on Arduino, using usual Arduino C/C++ programming environment or RobotC for Arduino. The EVShield’s Modular library lets us connect LEGO sensors and several third party sensors seamlessly.  There are detailed examples for each sensor type available.

 Arduino IDE

The EVShield works with following boards:

  • Arduino Uno, Uno R3
  • Arduino Duemilanove
  • chipKIT Uno32


UI buttons:

Three user programmable  UI buttons can be used in program for easy navigation.

EVShield Buttons

Multicolor LED :

Three user programmable multicolor LED (16M colors) can be used for indicator or just  for amusement.

EVShield LEDs

NXT/EV3 Motors and Sensors: 

Four powerful NXT/EV3 Motors can be used under program control to easily manipulate the robot. Four LEGO Sensor ports support all EV3 sensor and mostly all of the third-party and NXT sensors. There is hardware incompatibility with NXT Ultrasonic Sensor. But, the EV3 Ultrasonic sensor will work fine with the EVShield.

Additional I2C digital sensor can be easily expanded using I2C splitters. There is 2x Motor and 2x Sensor Ports on both sides of the EVShield.

EVShield Mindstorms Ports

RC Servo Ports:

In addition to these, 6x RC Servos can be connected and easily controlled via the EVShield.

EVShield RC Servo Ports

I2C Ports :

I2C communication port lets you connect any 3rd Party or home-brew sensors seamlessly.

EVShield I2C Ports


Supplying Power to EVShield:

The EVShield has Green power connector  to connect external battery; this battery will also supply power to attached Arduino.

EVShield Power Connector

Battery Options:

EVShield Battery Options


Example Robots:

To Be :

kickstarter badge funded


  • In coming weeks I hope to provide a full hands on review of the EVShield.
  • If it is as great as the NXShield, it will be very worthwhile adding it to your LEGO Mindstorms Artillary…


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