EV3 Brick Firmware Update Process Fails

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What to do if your EV3 Brick stops working during the firmware update process.

If for some reason your EV3 Brick stops working during the firmware update process, you will need to manually update the firmware by doing the following (the EV3 Brick still needs a USB connection to your computer and the EV3 Software Running on you Computer):

  1. Hold down the Back, Center, and Right buttons on the EV3 Brick.
  2. When the EV3 Brick restarts, release the Back button.
  3. When the screen says “Updating,” release the Center and Right buttons and click the Download button in the Firmware Update tool. The firmware will be downloaded to your EV3 Brick, which will restart itself.


If the manual firmware update does not make your EV3 Brick work the first time, repeat the manual update process.

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