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Christmas really has arrived early this year. Today I had a visit from the Postman with a parcel from Rotacaster Pty. Ltd in hand. Inside the parcel was a new set of 4x Rotacasters with the new Black Hub-centres and S55A Hardness type Orange Rollers and a set of 3x Rotacasters with the new Black Hub-centres and S45A Hardness type rollers. The S45A‘s roller colour is a perfect match for Lego’s “Dark Bluish Gray” colour scheme. I’m excited about testing the new wheels using softer durometer materials on the rollers. TheS45A should provide better traction, which should be especially good for lighter robots.

The new Rotacasters are at the bottom of Photograph.

Rotacater have been tinkering with the wheels which has delayed things by a week or two longer than expected. Rotacater engaged a “Quality Control Expert” to work with their manufacturer and as a result, have gotten to the bottom of the sticking roller issue which was a problem on some earlier wheels. All the tooling modifications are now complete, with the bush fitting in to the wheel centre along with the bush fit to the Lego Axle which is firm: yet not too tight for small fingers.

A Killough Platform fitted with the New S45A Rotacasters.

The new S45A look great with the Black & Grey colour scheme of my Killough Platform above. The S45A wheels using the softer durometer materials on the rollers does give better traction, than the S55A type. This is especially noticeable for lighter robots like the one above. When tracking on hard vinyl flooring, the S55a have a tendency to slip rather than grip with a change in the Robots direction. There’s a noticeable improvement with the S45A wheels on the Robot above.

Video of a Killough Platform fitted with the New S45A Rotacasters.

The Rotacaster Omni-wheels are a precision piece of engineering in all respects. They are made to the same exacting standards you expect with your Lego Technic parts. These Lego compatible wheels leave the other versions available in their wake. Not only do the make the ultimate wheels for Killough type robotic platforms, a single Rotacaster makes the perfect Jockey-wheel for your Tri-Bot as they never point in the wrong direction and can’t jam.

Rotacasters make perfect Tri-Bot Jockey-wheels!

More examples of the uses I’ve found for my Rotacaster omni-wheels can be found HERE as well as at Xander Soldaat’s website: I’d Rather be Building Robots. Xander is also part of the development journey to produce the Lego Technic version of the Rotacaster Omni-wheel.

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