Build a Solid LEGO NXT Killough Platform

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Building a solid and reliable Killough Type Platform is not easy using the standard LEGO Technic Parts List. For the last 12 plus months, I have been refining my designs which use the standard NXT Motors. Due to the NXT Motors shape, keeping the Robot’s overall footprint as small as possible has been difficult.

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Solid LEGO Mindstorms NXT Killough Platform Robot Base
{Replace Orange Wheels with Rotacaster Omniwheels}

Unfortunately LEGO doesn’t make a 120 degree Lift Beam similar to the 135 degree LEGO Part #32348. As a result, you will need to use an extra bit of force to join the three Motor Housings together, as shown in the diagram below. This done, the whole chassis becomes very strong and stable.

Extra Information
NOTE: Use two Axle Pins in order to fix each Motor Housing together.

Generally, I prefer to use the LEGO Part #58121c01, the Large 9V Power Functions Motor instead of the NXT Motors which produces a even more compact Killough Platform. Sadly there is no Tacho feedback from these motors. The smaller 9V Power Functions Motor, LEGO Part  #58120c01, also works well for lighter platform applications.

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