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I have a couple of projects on at the moment which require multiple NXT Motors. I became annoyed at having to swap motors from one project to the other when I switch my emphasis to another robot. So I headed to [bricklink], and with a quick search found what I was after in seconds. I also purchased a NXT 2.0 Colour Sensor to add to my sensor collection.

I chose ‘Uncle Steve’s Bricks‘ to conduct my business. The owner, Steven Brandes was very helpful and very quick at answering my queries. Steve has a well stocked store with very competitive prices.

Items in Order:

Image Condition Item Description Qty

Lot ID: 31317623  Part No: 53787  Name: Electric, Motor - NXT
New Electric, Motor – NXT 6

Lot ID: 31317624  Part No: 64892  Name: Electric, Sensor, Color - NXT2
New Electric, Sensor, Color – NXT2 1
Order Total: 7

Seller Information

 Username: stvnbrnds1958 (5773)
 Store Name: Uncle Steve’s Bricks
 Store Link:
 Name & Address: Steven Brandes
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey 07922



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