A Simple LEGO Mindstorms NXT Trike Base

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I needed a simple Trike type LEGO Mindstorms NXT Vehicle Base, that had to meet the following criteria:
  • Quick and Easy to build
  • Easy access to the Recharge socket on the NXT Li-Po Battery
  • Easy access to the NXT’s Sensor Ports and Motor Ports
  • Easy access to mount various type of sensors
  • Rotate as close as possible to the Robots own footprint

The result is the Rotacaster Rover, which uses a Rotacaster Omni-wheel as the rear jockey-wheel. The Rotacaster Omni-wheel allows for smooth and reliable turns on all surfaces. The whole base is solid and reliable.

There are plenty of ‘Trike Type’ NXT Rovers out there, and I think I’ve encapsulated the best from those Rovers in a single package. If you add a second Rotacaster omni-wheel at the rear, the Robot become extremely stable, but keeps its maneuverability.

A Simple LEGO Mindstorms NXT Quad Base:

Download the Instructions:

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