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Help put these Omni-Wheels on you next Mindstorms Bot.

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Rotacaster omni-wheels are an Australian made and owned, patented design. Also known as omni-directional wheels, multi-directional wheels or holomonic wheels, Rotacaster omni-wheels are available Rotacaster Omni-wheels are Australian Made and OwnedRotacaster omni-wheels are Australian Made and Owned in both a 125mm wheel diameter and a 48mm wheel diameter. Rotacaster omni-wheels are unique from other omni-wheels on the market because not only are they suitable for conveyor or inverted applications such as ball transfer units and pipe rollers, but they are also suitable as a floor wheel on mobile furniture, hand carts and as wheels for hand trolleys. Supermarket Grocery Carts, at long last are actually controllable with the Rotacaster wheel!

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