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Using Custom EV3-G MyBlock Icons Images

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to make custom MyBlock Icons, and MyBlock Parameter Icons. This is very useful because the MyBlock icons allow one to easily recognize in your programs. The tutorial is broken into two parts, MyBlock Icons, and Parameter Icons. You can only use this tutorial with the EV3-G software. The programs only display properly when you install your custom icons in the appropriate directory on your computer.

Before we begin, make a copy of the following directory: “..\LEGO MINDSTORMS Edu EV3\Resources\MyBlocks\images.

Parameter Icons

First you are going to open up a picture editing software so you can create an icon. When  creating the icon, keep in mind it needs to be 22×22 pixels. You can use pictures from the MyBlocks/images directory, or you can make you own icon from scratch. The icons need to be export as a .png image and save it in the MyBlock image directory. When naming the icon file, it has to be in this format: the word  “Identification”, Underscore, a 3 digit number, Underscore, Icon Name (no spaces, upper camel cased and underscores OK) , and “.png”. Example: Identification_100_TestBlock.png.The 3 digit number has to be an unused number in the range of, 100-199. Before the new icon shows up, you need to restart your EV3 Software, and then reopen it and your icon should be there!

MyBlock Icons

Open the picture editing software and make another icon, but this time it must measure 34×34 pixels. When done making the icon, the steps are a bit different than the parameter icons. Export the image again as a .png, but the naming is as follows; “PolyGroup”, Underscore, “3 digit number“, underscore, “icon name (No spaces, upper camel case, and NO underscores)” ,underscore, ”Diagram”, and ending with “.png”.   Example:  PolyGroup_019_TestBlock_Diagram.png.  The 3 digit number has to be an unused number ranging between, 002-019.

Next shrink the icon in the editing software to 25×25 pixels, and export it again with the same name but replace the word diagram with “Pallet”. Next make one more the same size but add a highlite color for a mouse over effect. Add an underscore after the pallet and add “MouseOver” when exporting. Finially, restart your EV3 software and the new MyBlock Icons should appear.

  • The Diagram icon is used when you view the icon in the MyBlock Creation Menu.
  • The Pallet icon is used when you pick a MyBlock from the MyBlock pallet.
  • The MouseOver icon is used when you scroll over the block in the MyBlock Pallet.

Creating Custom 90° LEGO Train Points for your Layout

Railway Points Modifications
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This article aims to show one how too create custom 90° LEGO Train Points I made for my LEGO Railway layout. The reason for creating these custom 90° LEGO Train Points, is that the resultant 90° turn is half the width, when compared with a regular LEGO 90° Point arrangement. And hence you save on valuable Track Layout real-estate. The out of the box set-up requires 4-pieces of track instead of 3-pieces to create a 90° turn. Also by using these custom 90° LEGO Train Points, you end up with many more new layout options as a bonus.

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