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After a long wait due to getting the cash together, I’m now the proud owner of two LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Retail Kits (31313). I ended up, after a lot of research in getting my kits from Amazon U.K. as I was able to save US$250, compared to buying them here locally in Australia. For some reason that I haven’t managed to determine, LEGO retails for about 50% more than residents of Europe and the U.S.would expect to pay.

Rotacaster Omni-wheels Arrive

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Christmas arrived early this year for me when the Postman knocked today with a package from Peter McKinnon containing a set of 4x 48mm Rotacasters with the Lego Axel adapters. At this stage these prototypes appear to have been worth every bit of development time they have taken up so far. The softer Durometer Type Rollers on the 48mm wheels, are excellent on timber and vinyl floor surfaces. They also appear to work surprisingly well on carpets as well.

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