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NXShield: Arduino Powered LEGO Holonomic Platform

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I have just developed a LEGO Mindstorms Holonomic Platform Robot powered by an OpenElectrons NXShield for the Arduino Mega.

I have just had 4 day up at Burnie on Tasmania’s North-west coast at the “Brixhibition Burnie” with my Robots. Among the robots I took was a OpenElectrons NXShield Powered Holonomic Platform which survived the abuse from the general public who where controlling it for some 18hrs, without it missing a beat.

Orange Pi Plus Launched

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After Raspberry Pi, Waxberry Pi, and Banana Pi boards, here come another fruit-named board with Orange Pi. There are actually three models, with Orange Pi and Orange Pi mini based on Allwinner A20, and Orange Pi Plus powered by a quad core Allwinner A31s processor. This article will concentrate on the Orange Pi Plus.

Tackman – MyState Student Film Festival Finalist    Send article as PDF   
This LEGO stop-motoin film was made by St Patrick’s College student and member of the Tasmanian Brick Enthusiasts, Isaac Cini. I can’t wait for the full-feature length release in the future. He is a MyState Student Film Festival Finalist.

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