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Holonomic Platform for 125mm Rotacaster Omniwheels    Send article as PDF   
I’ve been working on a very solid, Holonomic Platform to be used with the large 125mm Rotacaster Omniwheels as part of my display for the TAZ-Brick Collector Club’s Brixhibition to be held on the weekend of 20-21 April 2013.

Bricklink Order #3513612    Send article as PDF   
I regularly use LEGO Technics Studded Bricks in my Robot Creations. There are some situations where the Technic Brick is the only structural stable choice. But in most cases I use a combination of LEGO Technic Bricks and Beams for the job.

Technic Brick

LEGO Technic Bricks in large quantities are usually hard to track down, but I found a great source in the BrickLink StoreBrick-Mania‘. The store ran by Nikola has an excellent range of LEGO Technic parts available in bulk quantities, which is hard to find at a competitive price.

Items in Order:

Breakthrough in Rechargeable Batteries for Mindstorms

NiZn Batteries    Send article as PDF   
There has been a Breakthrough in Rechargeable Battery technology which is very applicable to powering you LEGO Mindstorms Robots. The new 1.6 Volt Nickle-Zinc (NiZn) have reached the market place. Unlike other rechargeable battery types, a set of six NiZn batteries gives an output of 9.6 volts, instead of 7.2 Volts. As a result, the NiZn batteries equate to a set of six Alkaline non-rechargeable batteries, in both power and performance.

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