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Celebrating 50 Years of LEGO in Australia    Send article as PDF   
While the LEGO Group was founded in 1932 in Denmark, it wasn’t until 1962 that the first LEGO brick landed on our shores in Australia.
It arrived in a suitcase carried by a Mr John Peddie, all the way from England. He flew over land and sea, in fact he had to take eight different planes before he safely set foot in Sydney in August 1962, carrying with him his precious cargo.

PS2 Controlled Holonomic Platform Using RobotC    Send article as PDF   
Yes, another Holonomic Platform. My son, Anthony requested a Holonomic robot to take to school for show-and-tell. So here it is with a few scholarly extras, including the [robotc] code.
A Holonomic platform is one of the many types of Holonomic drive trains — it can move forward and backward as well as left or right without turning. The Holonomic platform can move in any direction instantaneously unlike conventional four wheeled vehicles.

‘Melon Factor’ – Conclusion    Send article as PDF   
This was to be Part 4/5 of my Melon Factor Project, for the NXTLog FoodFactor Competition for May 2012. It’s unfortunate, but time has not been kind. I had more important real life issues that dragged me away from the project.

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I have a couple of projects on at the moment which require multiple NXT Motors. I became annoyed at having to swap motors from one project to the other when I switch my emphasis to another robot. So I headed to [bricklink], and with a quick search found what I was after in seconds. I also purchased a NXT 2.0 Colour Sensor to add to my sensor collection.

I chose ‘Uncle Steve’s Bricks‘ to conduct my business. The owner, Steven Brandes was very helpful and very quick at answering my queries. Steve has a well stocked store with very competitive prices.

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