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NXT Beer & Soft Drink Bottle Opener    Send article as PDF   
After seeing a couple of LEGO Mindstorms NXT Bottle Openers on the net, I decided to tackle building my own… The task turned out to be somewhat more difficult than I envisaged. The most difficult part by far was the Gripper Mechanisms, as they had to securely hold the Bottle and it’s cap in a manor that allowed them to be unscrewed.

My NXTLOG ‘Crazy Contraption’ Entry    Send article as PDF   
Many robots are designed to do simple tasks in an efficient way to make our lives easier. But what if robotic machines did simple tasks in an over-complicated way? This is the type of Machine that ‘Rube Goldberg‘ envisaged for his weird world. Below is an example of a ‘Rube Goldberg Light Switch’. I have attempted emulate this crazy idea of Goldberg’s, with my very own over complicated LEGO Mindstorms NXT based ‘Light Switch’.

My NXT Says Numbers Out Aloud!    Send article as PDF   

Update on NXT Sound:

Dexter Industries have taken on my suggestion of using a “Quadravox QV606M1 Sound Module” for an add-on Audio solution for the LEGO Mindstorms NXT kit!
I’ve been working on a project where I was working with lots of numbers as part of controlling the Robot. The routine below is used in conjunction with keyboard shown below. keyboard Inputs are totaled, to give the distance a motor should move.

Quad Track: IR-Ball Seeking Crane    Send article as PDF   
This is my LEGO Mindstorms NXT Quad Caterpillar Track Crane, which uses my ‘Ultimate Grab‘ to pick-up and retrieve a Hitechnic Infra-Red Electronic Ball. The Chassis houses 2x NXT Motors to drive the Left and Right pairs of Tracks. A third NXT Motor is used to raise and lower the crane arm. A Small PowerFunctions Motor is used to open and close my Ultimate Crane Claw attachment. The Small PowerFunctions Motor is controlled via a Mindsensors Multiplexer for NXT Motors (NXTMMX-v2). The NXTMMX allows the NXT to control two additional NXT or other LEGO Motors.

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