Monthly Archives: August 2011

Mindstorms NXT Soccer Playing Robot    Send article as PDF   
This is the Mark I version of my LEGO Mindstorms Soccer Playing Robot.  The Robot relies on 3x Rotacaster omni-whheels in a Holonomic Platform configuration for movement. The three Rotacasters are driven by 3x NXT Motors connected to the NXT Brick.

More on the New & Improved Rotacaster Omni-wheels    Send article as PDF   
I received a a new batch of Rotacaster Omni-wheels several weeks ago which look and work fantastic. I gave them a good test run way back on 15th June 2011 and videoed my results. It’s a while, but here they are fitted to a Killough type platform powered by LEGO Mindstorms NXT kit fitted with 3x NXT Motors to drive the Rotacasters.

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