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Mindstorms NXT Servo Activated Grab    Send article as PDF   
I’ve been working on a new Lego Mindstorms: NXT-Servo Activated Grab for a crane I am working on. The Grab is driven by a R.C. Servo motor, controlled via a Mindsensor NXT-Servo controller interface to the Lego Mindstorms NXT Brick.

UPDATE: LEGO Mindstorms NXT Tic-Tac-Toe Robot    Send article as PDF   
LEGO Mindstorms NXT TicTacToe (Noughts & Crosses) Playing Robot was programmed with NXC, using Daniele Benedettelli’s ‘TicTacToe AI’ Code. It uses a Hitechnic Colour Sensor to detect the coloured balls placed on the playing board. The game has 3 difficulty levels starting with ‘Novice’ that places balls at random. Next is ‘Normal’, followed by the almost impossible ‘Expert’ level.

BrickLink Order #2174327    Send article as PDF   

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Lego NXT Controlled Pneumatic Switch    Send article as PDF   
Controlling a Technics Pneumatic Switch with the Mindsensor™ NXT-Servo Interface and a 9g R.C. Servo. I’ve been playing around with LeJOS, Java for the NXT and my Lego™ NXT Sensor and Controller collection. When I came to my NXT-Servo Controller, I decided to through together a new version of my R.C. Servo Pneumatic Switch I designed a few years ago and power it with Java.

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