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Use a Wii-Nunchuk as an NXT Sensor!    Send article as PDF   
The Wii Nunchuk is designed to work together with the Wii Remote on the Wii console. Contoured to fit perfectly in your hand, the Nunchuk adds extra buttons, an analogue joystick, and additional motion-sensing control to expand the game play possibilities. It is also an I2C type device which makes interfacing to the Lego Mindstorms NXT easy. You can pick-up a Wii Nunchuk from eBay for under $10, and a pack of 5x NXT Compatible Male Plug from Mindsensors for $5.95. In essence a new NXT Sensor/Controller for under $20.00.

Mindstorms NXT FlexiBot – Test #1    Send article as PDF   
This Lego Mindstorms NXT FlexiPicker is based on the ABB IRB 360 FlexPicker. The IRB 360 FlexPicker™, is the SECOND GENERATION delta robot  for precision pick and place applications. The robot has outstanding motion performance with shortest cycle times at high accuracy, and with upto a 3Kg payload. The IRB 360 is designed to work in meat and dairy applications. A stainless option with all metal parts in stainless is IP69K validated so that it can be washed down with industrial detergents and high pressure hot water. The robot is designed with smooth and rinse-off surfaces and lubricant free joints.

NXT Particle Filter Demonstration    Send article as PDF   
This is a Monte Carlo Localization demonstration using a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robot. It uses an IR remote control to control the odometry and the sensors used are an ultrasonic and a compass sensor from HiTechnic.

Dexter Industries NXT dGPS Sensor    Send article as PDF   
Dexter Industries have released the dGPS Sensor, which is a GPS Sensor for Lego Mindstorms NXT Robotics. The Dexter Industries dGPS Sensor provides GPS coordinate information to your robot and preforms calculations on the navigation information received that can be used to navigate to your target coordinates. The sensor provides  real-time latitude, longitude, time, speed and heading information to your robot.  It also has powerful navigational calculators that can be used to navigate to target coordinates.

LEGO WORLD Zwolle Edition Wall*E    Send article as PDF   
Marc-Andre Bazergui has built a special LEGO WORLD: Zwolle Edition of Wall*E, the famous Hollywood robot from Disney/Pixar movie of the same name. This is the 4th generation of his Wall*E. So i called it zWall-E4. It only has Mindstorms components with no POWER FUNCTIONS or 3rd Party sensor devices used. The three NXT bricks talk to each other via Bluetooth. The program was written in NXT-G 2.0 and has been designed to allow zWall-E4 to remain on a table top and do it’s show all day, which explains the restraint movements seen in this video.

BrickLink Order #1893085    Send article as PDF   

Items in Order:

Wot-Wot Biscuit Barrel Alarm    Send article as PDF   
The Wot-Wot Biscuit Barrel Alarm features my Lego Mindstorms NXT High Voltage A.C. Appliance Controller, which allows you to turn on-and-off your Household mains powered equipment such as lights, radios, heaters, etc. via your NXT Robot.

Lego NXT 240V A.C. Appliance Controller    Send article as PDF   
This Lego Mindstorms NXT Appliance Controller allows you to turn on-and-off your Household mains powered equipment such as lights, radios, heaters, etc. All via your Robot. Using this Controller in conjunction with a Lego Temperature Sensor you can control your aquarium, and even as a incubator control to hatch out bird eggs.
This project needs a lot of care during construction due to the Voltages involved.

120-240V A.C. KILLS!

Only for experienced hackers!


Lego NXT Bot Lifts 35 Killograms    Send article as PDF   
Dad and Adam’s entry for NXTASY Challenge #3 “The Anxt”. This is an amazing feat to preform with a Lego Robot weighing less than 1Kg! The ability to lift and then carry 35Kg for over 1 Metre, is just simply a stunning achievement. This contest was conducted back in 2007, and there was no video posted to the public at the time.

MINDSTORMS at LEGO WORLD 2010    Send article as PDF   
LEGO WORLD 2010 was held at IJsselhallen, Zwolle, The Netherlands. LegoWorld was held from October 22nd through October 26th, 2010. These are some of the inventions and robots presented at the MINDSTORMS booth.

Lego NXT Tree Climbing Robot “Sloth”    Send article as PDF   
222Doc says, “This turned out to be the hardest build, design and program to date. I will never again say to my self this will be easy. 100’s of hours in this thing. it could be improved a lot perhaps one day.”

Android Control for Lego NXT    Send article as PDF   
If you are the owner of a LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT set and have an Android smartphone and you want to have some fun with your robots, now you have the possibility with MINDdroid – for free!

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