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Rotacaster as a Steering Jockey-Wheel    Send article as PDF   
Using a Rotacaster Omni-wheel as a Steering Jockey-Wheel in a Differential Drive Robotics platform is an easy way of producing a Robot with precision steering. When the bot travels in a straight-line, one of the Rotacaster Omni-wheels rollers becomes the Jockey-wheel. To turn the platform you simply rotate the powered Rotacaster Omni-wheel. By play with the gearing of the drive to the Rotacaster, you can obtain great accuracy in controlling your Robot. This configuration is ideal for  “Line-Following” Robots.

Lego PF/NXT OMNI-SPIDER    Send article as PDF   
The Lego PF/NXT OMNI-SPIDER omnidirectional 8-legged robot that imitates a Spider with an excellent degree of accuracy. This is a preview of the prototype, built by Menno Gorter. You can easily imagine that Menno’s final version will be absolutely BRILLIANT! As the name suggest, his PF/NXT OMNI-Spider is capable of walking in any direction. It appears he has achieved this by pairing two legs to a single Lego Power Functions XL-Motor.

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Shape-Changing Rotacaster Flexi-Bot    Send article as PDF   
The Shape-Changing Rotacaster Flexi-Bot acts like a Chameleon, but instead of changing colour, it can morphs into a variety of different  leg configurations. The front and rear pairs of arms are controlled as a pairs change the configuration of the Rotacaster Omni-wheels relative to the Robots body. Each Rotacaster Omni-wheel is driven individually via a Small Lego Power Functions Motor. The Arm pairs are driven individually by a pair of Lego Mindstorms NXT Servo Motors.

Wot-NXT: DottyWot & SpottyWot?    Send article as PDF   
The WotWots is filmed in Australia at the Melbourne Zoo, and follows the adventures of two adorable siblings from outer space, SpottyWot and DottyWot. These delightful creatures come to explore planet earth in their steam-powered spaceship and land themselves in the middle of a zoo. All their adventures are built on one central ingredient which defines the series – the joy of learning and discovery.

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OpenSource Mindstorms!    Send article as PDF   
Connie Kalcher Vice president, Customer Experience LEGO talks about open innovation, co-creation, lead users in relations to LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO Design By Me and LEGO Universe!

Autonomous Rotacaster Omni-Bot    Send article as PDF   
This Autonomous Quad Drive Omni-Bot fitted is with Rotacasters Omni-wheels and uses 4x Ultrasonic Sensors to aid in navigation. It’s based on my previous Quad-Drive Rotacaster Omni-Bot with the addition of the Ultrasonic Sensors. The main challenge is to use all 4 Ultrasonic Sensors without them interfering with each other, resulting in non-valid measurement readings for distance values to objects.

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Quad-Drive Rotacaster Omni-Bot    Send article as PDF   
As I have a set of four Rotacaster Omni-wheels to test drive, I decided to build a 4-wheel Omni-Bot for a change from the normal 3-wheeled versions. Build a solid & compact 4 wheel platform wasn’t as easy as I first envisaged. But after 3 attempts I hit upon something that worked. The Lego purists may no approve of the way I had load a few joints to get it too work.

Rotacaster Omni-wheels in Action!    Send article as PDF   
An example of a Lego Mindstorms NXT Killough Platform featuring 3x Rotacaster (, R-2048-01 Double 48mm Omni-Wheels. 3x NXT Motors and a Mindsensors PSP-Nx-v3, a Sony PlayStation2 Controller interface for NXT to control the Robot.

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